Database Projects

So far I have developped the following database projects:

 Differential Display

A database to sample all steps in this multiple step analysis system. In short: Random primers are used to amplify by RT-PCR the RNAs to be compared. PAGE gels are run comparing the samples. Bands are excised and re-amplificated and sequenced.

Given that you have about ten to twenty different RNA samples to start with and use 8×20 different primers to amplify the various samples into cDNA you will see the need for a database design.  Furthermore you cut several bands from individual gel to re-amplify and sequence them. You will end up with an bulk of information which for applying quality controls needs a sound database system.

Clinical database

I designed from scratch a database which was used to sample clinical data in a Researcher Initiated Study. A database was not intended but I could convince the medical staff and the project leader that it was much easier to use compared to Excel sheets. The database in its final form was capable of summrizing all clinical data for individual patients (trivial!) but it also provided doctors with time plan of each patient. Additionally, it controlled for severe adverse effect hidden in the database. As a surplus the data did not need any adjustment when transfered to the statistical evaluation using SAS.

Contract management

We used this database for supervising thousands of contracts at a pharmaceutical company. There was already a management system for contracts but it has not been designed to sample some thousand contracts for the specific purposes. The database turned out to help enormously. It also enabled that two persons could revise the contracts in the six months scheduled for the project.

Management of QM documents

A database to sample all the QM documents in a company was developed as well as for the collegues rights and duties. The database can document the training requrements of the individual and whether and when the training take place. It will indicate the life cycle of individual documents and the need for revision. The reports themselves are quality management documents as they indicate how the company has fullfil its QM duties.

Bike Race

For the Tälercup and the Wäldercup, a bike racing event organised by the  local Bike club I designed the database to deal with applications, participant lists, results and awards. Given that 15 different races took place during one day everything had to be efficient. The program took the bulk of strain from the organizers. Only two persons could fullfil the needs during the races.

Drug management in clinical studies

I have finished a database system to support the distribution of drugs during clinical studies. The system uses data generated e.g. by the vendor Almack or Catalent and builds its own reports. These reports will enable a drug distribution manager to review the use of drug and to control the distribution plans. I am eager to provide further information on this system. Please use the contact form.

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