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Mixed origin for Europeans

 The historic origin of Europeans is obviously much more complex than initially thought. Sciene reports from a meeting of biomolecular archaeology: Johannes Krause (Tübingen University, Germany) presented data that the European history started as late as there was migration from Africa: some 60000 years ago. These people were not the first settlers in Europe. They met the Neanderthals. And they were gatherers and hunters. These hunters eventually were invaded 9000 years ago by farmers from the Middle East. Note the farmers invaded the hunters/gatherers and not vice versa. To the great surprise of scientist involved there is a third source of DNA of Eurasian origin which was found in Scandinavia and Letonia, but not in the South of Europe. This “ghost” DNA was then found in boy from Sibiria who died some 24000 years ago.  You will not find a person with the same genome today, but part of it is present in North America and in Europe. The picture is a crude scheme of this development. We were told that an article will appear soon and we will tell you about.European Origin