My Curriculum

The hallmarks of my curriculum are

  • Immunology
  • Endocrinolog
  • Clinical research.

In addition I have performed microbiological and cell biogical experiments for quite some time and was employed in a Department of Haematology for experimental and data base work.

I have published some 30 research paper, a review on macrophages together with Sunna Hauschildt, book chapters about tumour immunology in a textbook on cancer, about immunology in a textbook on Biogene Drugs and a German textbook of endocrinology which has reached the third edition in 2014. The English version of said textbook is in the process of revision and will appear 2015.

I was employed via third parties by Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach-Wylen and by Boehringer Ingelheim in Biberach.

After having a mild stroke I am now retired. I am still working on a English translation of the 4th edition of Hormone und Hormonsystem which appeared in in 2021. The translation will go till 2024 to be finished.

In the meantime I publish a book about butterfly and moths: 670 Falterarten im Hochschwarzwald which completely sold and I may think about a 3rd edition when there is enough demand.

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