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Pdf/epub version of Hormones and the Endocrine System

Finally, all versions of the book have been approved and will shortly become available. The printed version has acquired an erratum. And in the electronic versions many mistakes and errors had to be amended. These did not change the text but the appearance of the text on the display. I might be responsible for remaining conceptual errors or for misreading articles. I would be glad if you could pass me a message when you think I was wrong.


Hormones and the Endocrine System

HOrmones and the Endocrines System
Hormones and the Endocrine System

The book has finally been published. This version is the translation of our German book 3rd edition, with some updates due to very recent new developments. The part on Juvenile Hormones was critically read by Prof. Riddiford from the USA and is thus up-to-date. I like to say thank you so much to numerous colleagues who have contributed articles that this book could be written in its present form. It has been a pleasure to work with the Springer people who produced the book. Thank you to Dr. Britta Müller and Martina Himberger who took the burden to defend and to publish this book. It has been a continious pleasure to get the help form the tex-community where I got posed many questions to make the book look nice. Among those who have contributed tremendously by reading large parts of the German and English version are my wife Beate who helped with the original version, Prof. Hubertus Jarry  in Göttingen and Prof. Ashley Grossman now in Oxford who encouraged me to go on with the English version after reading the 80 % translated and uncorrected intermediate. When you find this book enlightning, please write to me. If you think that issues are wrongly presented, please write to me that I improve the book in a next version. It has been a pleasure to prepare this book, it is an even greater pleasure to see it coming out.

Hormones and the Endocrine System

Two days ago the new book has gone to the producer. It will be on the market in the middle of 2015. This version is in its major parts a translation of the 3rd German Edition with corrections with respect to invertebrate hormones. 

We are facing now a new production process. Whereas up to the 2nd edition the publisher took the pdf version for production, now they take the raw LaTeX files and translate them into XML. This process is not automatic and the LaTeX macros are not fully supported. Therefore the 3rd edition was more expensive than envisaged. To overcome these problems, I took care and succeeded to provide a XML version which can be then translated into any format you wish. The XML is far from perfect, but there should be something to do for the producer. However, it is complete and has all the references, and cross references, any figure (chemical structures included) either as png or in pdf and svg format, the citations and the index. Large part of it have already been expertly edited by Springer’s copy editor Stuart Evans. Thanks to everyone who provided information and expertise for the content and the LaTeX process.