Who we are

Sometimes it might be difficult to assess who I am, for examplt if I am seriously ill and dependent on other’s care, I feel like a baby. Or I might be fully absent due to heavy thinking or alcohol, and unaware of my surroundings. Then I will look most probably like the idiot who I believe I am not. But in the title of a paper in Current Biology, we learn very clear who we are: This paper is entitled “Rapid Evolution of the Cerebellum in Humans and Other Great Apes”. Thus we are just another great ape. I wonder whether that is fortious or not. I have not yet read the paper but the title stuck.

Andere Grosse Affen
Other Great Apes

Anybody may decide whether the intonation stays with “Other” or “Great” or “Apes”, unfortunately I do not have an image of the author of that article. I would have added it, too.

(The images are all from Wikipedia and believed to be free. If otherwise I will change them.)

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